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Javier CC Mastering / Deep Wide Mastering
Javier CC Mastering

Deep Wide mastering is managed and operated by Javier Cabanillas (Javier CC), he started in the music world when he was 10 years old, learning to play piano with several teachers in private schools, years later he would begin his career as a music producer, in which he has worked with many artist from Spain and abroad. After of this musical adventure his selfless dedication to the sound led him to take the next and definitive step in his life, the audio mastering. Today, over 400 artists and more than 60 different labels have mastered their music here and the list goes on...

Javier CC Mastering is the Javier's personal mastering concept which he applies to artists and labels from all over the world, bringing the experience of many years as a freelance mastering engineer and his musical knowledge acquired for more than a decade as a producer/composer. Electronic, Dance and Chill Out to Pop, Rock or Jazz, every music style is treated with extreme care here.


"To my mind there are two kinds of mastering in terms of processing, the one I call "Pure Mastering" and the "Artistic Mastering", the first one is more clear and respectful with the original mix, the second one is more a continuation and finalization of the mix from a common point of view between artist and engineer, very extended in the last decades due to the exponential growth of the computer technology and the massification of the so-called "Home Studios". Classic and modern mastering, they both can coexist, the most important thing is knowing which one is the more appropiated in every moment or just finding the perfect balance among them.


In any case, you won´t find here that kind of terrible masters sounding completely ruined by the abuse of compression or the harmful side effects of limiter/maximizer extreme settings. You will got a master without the typical distortion or sonic artefacts associated to some kind of painful practices that I strongly reject. Music always come first and the maximum respect for it is a must"

Javier CC - Deep Wide Mastering​


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