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Javier CC / Deep Wide Mastering - The art of taking the sound of your music to the top

Prices per track for self-funded artists/labels start from 45 euros (Standard Rate for stereo mastering) or 70 euros if you go with the Premium Rate. I can make a free mix consulting for you and also a price quote for stem mastering or another type of job, it's very easy, just send me an e-mail at: 

Worried about not being fully satisfied? No more worries, Standard rate includes 1 free revision and unlimited revisions are available on the Premium rate!

I'm always happy to work with new musicians, producers, labels, etc... of course if you need to provide me with more info about your project, feel free to use the following list:


- How many tracks would you like to master?

- Any additional version or versions such as Radio Edit, Extended, Instrumental, etc?

- Do you need Stem Mastering? (Tracks or groups of tracks to be treated separately, as Kick, Bass, Leads, Pads, Percussion, etc...)

- Final destination would be Streaming, CD, Vinyl...?

- When would you need the masters ready to go? 

- Do you need a DDP master also?

Wire Transfer


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