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Javier CC / Deep Wide Mastering


Welcome to Deep Wide Mastering, the place of Javier CC. If you're after a real professional studio, which just gets amazing feedback from literally hundreds of artists all over the world, you're in the right place.


Deep Wide/Javier CC Mastering is a fully dedicated mastering studio, where we will take the sound of your music a step further to reach their full potential, by using some of the best techniques and analog/digital tools available out there, taking care of every little detail to get a stuning but natural sounding result. Our ears, experience and full dedication for what we do, our best guarantee. Because your music always deserves the best possible sound on every single audio playback system/device.

Take your sound wherever you wish


Digital Mastering - Stem Mastering - CD Audio - Mastering for Vinyl - Analog Tape Transfer

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